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Talisman for Energy Cleansing

TY Bath Cleansing FU


Tin Yat Bath Cleansing FU

Cleansing the energy field around you is just like doing a bath daily. No matter how clean you are, your energy do detox daily and release unwanted or negative energy on top. This FU helps to cleanse your body or the energy in any living space like doing a bath or dusting routinely.

Application Method:
Burn this FU into a bowl and add water, pour into a bath tub with water and give yourself a nice energy bath. Do this routinely, staying in your best performance possible. This FU can also be burnt into a bowl, add water, and use it to spray (using a spray bottle) or using your finger to flick the water around the house to cleanse the space and energy of the house.

Effective Time After Activation: Instant use

Condensed Energy Dissolve FU

化煞氣符 (淨宅用)

Home Use -Condensed Energy Dissolving FU

Negative energies can be set in a place for too long and condensed into a new form of energy that is "evil" and harmful to human beings. Usually you can encounter it after a funeral, big disaster in the house, or just some bad friends or people came over to your house and contaminated the place with their energies. You will sense that there is something not right in the air and it feels very suffocating, compressed, enclosed, restricted and it just makes you unease at all time.

Application Method:
Burn this FU into a bowl, add water and place into a sprayer to spray around the house or sprinkle the water around the place to cleanse the energy. You may also burn one FU in every room and open space to do a blast-style cleansing the whole house.  For personal cleansing, you may use this in a FU bath too.

Effective Time After Activation:  Instant use  

Effective Time After Activation:  Instant use  

Total Price: $180 CAD

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