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Ba Gwa Evolution - The Masterpiece


As we all know, these two above are the bagwa 八卦. Since all our previous lessons gave you all the good foundations, we can now reference back and forth to see how the first bagwa was formed and created by Fuk Hey 伏義 around 7742 B.C.(he was the king for 118 years). Before we go into the bagwa, let's do a brief introduction of this heroic king, Fuk Hey 伏義!

Fuk Hey is one of the 3 major king in the ancient China where history was not too clearly recorded. All we can know now is that he existed approximately around 7724 B.C.! He contributed a lot to the ancient Chinese, such as teaching them to make clothing by using fur, making nets to catch fishes, throwing spears for hunting, musical instruments, created the bagwa, and so many more. Now, let's get into business, start the bagwa evolution!

Ba Gwa starts from the Hoh-Toe and Astronomy Stuff


In previous lessons, we learned about the Hoh-Toe 河圖 *River Diagram" already and so we all know it relates to the astronomy stuff. If you do not understand that part, please reread the lessons. Now the reason why bagwa was formed is because first we have nothing and then a yin yang was born at first and we get the four seasons which gave us the "Sei Jeung 四象" of the Tai Yin, Siu Yin, Tai Yang, Siu Yang as we learned in the previous lessons. But then that is not enough, every seasons there is a yin and yang too which now lead to the creation of bagwa. Here is a brief picture of how it looks. You maybe confused, why do we even care to make 8?


With the foundation of the Hoh-Toe, we must start to find a way to explain nature more and so we started by using 1 as the number for "sky" and 2 as the number for earth. If you see the picture here:


Overlap the two and you find the "winter comes" at the bottom match with "1" in the hoh-toe at the bottom. The "2" matched with the "summer comes". This is the beginning of the first yin / yang split. So we use the number "1" as the sky which actually means the "universe" and the number "2" for the earth which actually means the planet, the ground, the land we are on. On top of that, because the planet is part of the universe as well and so we add 1 and 2 together = 3, which we use 3 as the number the "sky" instead of just one. (because the sky means universe and it includes the globe in there too).

So the numbers of the 8 gwa are all formed with the "sky number" (yang) and the "earth number" (yin) in combos of 3. Now take a look 2 is yin and 3 is yang.

3 + 3 + 3 = 9 (so the number 9 is tai yang 太陽 because all are yang)

2 + 2 + 2 = 6 (so the number 6 is the tai yin 太陰 because it is all yin)

3 + 2 + 2 = 7 (so the number 7 is siu yin 少陰, because there is one yang and 2 yin)

3 + 3 + 2 = 8 (so the number 8 is siu yang 少陽, because there is one yin and 2 yang)

Now you have number 6 7 8 9 as the Sei Jeung 四象. (Tai Yin, Siu Yin, Tai Yang, Siu Yang)


So after finding out all these evolutions above, each of the 4 sides now can evenly split in half again by adding one more line to it to to show you either plus a yang or plus a yin. (note: the broken line is yin and the straight line is yang)


Now with have 8 symbols after adding the extra line, and do you see the extra line added to the last outer row all around? Now it is time to put the whole thing into a circle.


The bagwa now completes and the S in the center shows the order of "gwa" (symbols) in numbers from the calculations before. First it start from 1 on top, roll to the left 2, 3, 4 and then it cross over to the opposite side and go 5, 6, 7, 8 and back up to 1 and cycle. these numbers actually are the numbers that we got form the mathematical formula in the previous steps! Voila! The Pre-Heaven Bagwa was born! This is how it all came together.

After about 800 years, Daai-Yue 大禹 found the Lok-Sue 洛書 which is another pattern that relates to the Hoh-Toe as well. We already gone through that lecture and so we will skip it here. Then later on in the Chow Dynasty, Chow Man Wong, the king, studied the patterns and created his POST-Heaven Bagwa which actually put bagwa theory into practical use!


The left one is the POST-Heaven bagwa. The reason why this bagwa was formed is because the PRE-heaven bagwa do a good job in describing how the patterns of nature works in a universal manner in the perspective in space. Later on, Chow Man Wong found that when we see things happen on earth, the pattern twist and so it works in another manner that correspond to the "Lok-Sue 洛書" from Daai-Yue. Now the numbers were relocated and so it is all re-arranged and that is why we have the post-heaven bagwa which shows patterns of nature and how it affect things on planet earth. This is the beginning of I-ching which turn the 8 gwa (symbols) into 64 symbols combinations.


So the logic continues and you now get a 64 combo graph and our masterpiece was born:


Welcome to the world of I-ching, this is the foundational knowledge of what bagwa and I-ching. Almost everything in Taoism is around these things, just that they are more complex and sometimes even concealed in different forms to present themselves. These are basically the foundation of all Chinese culture wisdom including the Chinese medic, fengshui, fortune telling, Taoism, and so on.

All 8 "gwa" have their names and all 64 "gwa" have their names as well. We will leave those for the future courses that you will join, for now, this crash course may already get you overwhelmed! Enjoy!


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