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Tao-Blade - Taoist Magic with Blades


Introduction to Tao-Blade

The Exorcist Swords, The Modern Tao-Blades

Tao-Blade is an exclusive subject in Tin Yat Taoism Taoism for performing Taoist magic for exorcism, cleansing, healing and performing many kinds of powerful magic just like the old fashion Taoist swords on the altar. This method of Taoist magic will require the use of blades such as folding knives, fix blades, kitchen knives, hunting knives, machetes, bowie knives, swords and weapons, etc. to be empowered and activated to transform them into magical tools in order to take effect. The user then can follow instructions given to use the blades such as folding knives, fix blades, kitchen knives, hunting knives, machetes, bowie knives, swords and weapons, etc. to perform the magic with ease.

In the traditional way of Taoist magic and Taoism, Taoist used to empower and use ancient weapons such as swords, daggers, the Kwan Dao and many other blades in the past with magical power and activate them for use which had proven to be working for many years in the past. Instead of these ancient things like weapons such as swords, daggers, the Kwan Dao and many other blades in the past, now we will use blades such as folding knives, fix blades, kitchen knives, hunting knives, machetes, bowie knives, swords and weapons, etc. instead. The same theory applies and it's the magical power behind that make it work. The blades itself won't have any magical effect as our empowered one does.

Aside from the magical effects which human cannot explain with their current wisdom, blades is also a very trendy and handy collection hobby as well.  Knife collecting is not just about buying knives, it is about understanding about the knives you own, knowing about their history and characteristics, knowing how to store them, maintenance them, use them, sharpen them and even restore and appreciate them as a form of art as well. Knive do not only kill but they also serve as a tool for survival from the ancient time in cooking and hunting. Without knives, human history would have to be rewritten for sure. This is not a male-only hobby but many wives and mothers also love knives as well because it is what they use everyday in the kitchen for cooking, opening packages, cutting open envelopes and even just slapping a piece of ginger for cooking. No matter what style of knives, they are used in our every day life. Blades are very important to human beings and you cannot live without it too and so why not know and understand more about it?

Tao-Blade and Modern Society

blade in canBlades are not only for cooking and hunting but even for self-defense, utility, constructions and even medical purposes. Yes, medical purposes! Did you ever wonder why the knives used for surgery are so sharp that your steak knives or kitchen knife can never do the same thing like them? Did you ever wonder what metal is good for what kinds of knives? Why is it a bad idea to put your cooking knife into the dish washer machine? What is that stain you got on the blade after leaving it in the sink with the dirty dishes for too long? This is way too interesting and deep. Many people now are getting more and more into knives without knowing they are into it. Some enthusiast will go into the hobby of knife collecting while some just love to buy anything they wanted to own. No matter what your purpose of buying knives is, the blades are always around us at all time.

You might only know some common usage of knives such as cooking, hunting and so on. How many of you ever know the benefits of knowing about knives and blades? Aside from the magical effects of Tao-Blade, just collecting knives can already be very beneficial for us!

Here are 15 Benefits of blades collecting

  • Fun and enjoyable, making you happy
  • Increase your knowledge on metal and blades
  • Develop the sense of safety
  • Aware of your own knives's value
  • Cook better and eat better
  • Get you more focus and organized
  • Make life more meaningful and fun
  • Expand and improve social life
  • Have more taste toward art and history
  • Understand more about history
  • Save money for buying many cheap knives
  • Having the right tool to do the right thing
  • Be able to focus more on small details
  • Paying attention to minor changes in life
  • Aware of your surroundings more
  • and more...

Amazing list there that you might not even believe your own eyes about how beneficial blades collecting is. Even you are not a big fan of blades you might still use knives and blades in your life. Kitchen knives, envelope openers, can openers, apple pealing blades, exacto knives, utility knives, whatever. Tao-Blade is mainly about any kinds of blades that can be used for magical usage to do what you want and need to do such as exorcism, cleansing, healing, etc. Here are a few articles on blades in the modern society that you might want to read to know how popular blades are in our world today!

Interesting Facts


Kyle B Tin Yang

The BladeMan

"Over 5 months ago I started dreaming about having to be very nice and subservient to a person I didn't like very much... it was always the same basic dream and I felt like the person was taking advantage of me in those dreams.  Around the same time I noticed I was having a hard time concentrating on the road while driving... one time I even took a wrong turn along a route that I know very well.

Mak Jo Si suggested that I get a pair of Shanghai Shadow for Tao-Blade. Within a few days those bothersome dreams were greatly minimized and my mindset while driving was back to normal."

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