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What is Tin Yat

Tin, is referring to the 天, the sky realm, or to be more exact - it is referring to the Dai-Law-Tin (DLT) which is the most original universe that exist before ours. Tin Yat, is being able to start the engine and transmit from this "Tin" zone, and bringing elements from this place to the processing stage and creating results.

For disciples of our lineage, your "Tin" is the lineage's power bank, and by learning under the lineage and progressing onward, you will be able to cultivate essence from the lineage's power bank to nourish your body, your soul and your spiritual body in the other dimensions. This is the meaning of Tin Yat for disciples of the lineage!

Why Do You Ordain into Our Lineage

The lineage has a lot of people who have contributed to the lineage's power bank since ancient times, and we have all ordained into the lineage by submitting ourselves to the lineage and nature - which means, that we have acknowledged, agree and accepts to be under this lineage and undergoing the teachings of the lineage while following the guidance of the lineage's teaching. For masters in the lineage have all done the same to the master and grand-masters before them. Being part of the lineage, you get to learn, cultivate and benefit from the resources that the lineage have accumulated since ancient times. The resources that we are talking about here is the magic power, the knowledge and wisdom, and the guidance from the whole lineage.

What is the SUN 神 About?

The word SUN 神 in Chinese is often defined as "deity" or "god", and this is confusing for most people, since all religions have their own definition of things. To clarify this, we have to define this word to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

In our lineage's definition, this word means: "To be able to travel beyond a universe." This word is can be an adjective, a verb but not a noun. For example 天羅神 Tin Law Sun - is to "Sun" out of your universe to Tin Law. It is not a person, nor any entity's name.

What is Saam-Law

Saam-Law 三羅 is the triple bell system that contains all the living worlds and beings of every universes, and this triple bell system is born from the nature's initial energy of creations - Daai Law 大羅.

The magical power we use in the lineage is from the most original universe where all things started from. This space, we call it Dai-Law-Tin 大羅天.

Because we can transfer, cultivate and work with energies that originates from this space beyond our universe's limit, therefore, this magic is called Saam Law Sun Faat - the magical methods that allow us to go beyond our universe's boundary (Saam Law).

What is Dragon in Our Definition?

A dragon is a full chain of essential elements that contains all 9 ingredients that chain them together as a whole unit. A full and complete chain of energy is a "Dragon". A full chain of people is also said to be a "dragon" in Chinese too. The word "Dragon" is a metaphor, an adjective, and can also be a noun, etc.,.

The word "Sun-Lung 神龍" that we uses all the time means to extend our "dragons" of energies out to other places that is outside of our universe's boundary.

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