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In Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功,.there are 3 main sects in the lineage, coming down directly as taught from Great Grandmaster Saam Ling 三靈老師公 to Grandmaster Yuen Sum元心老師父. The 3 main sects are Sun Lung Goon 神龍館,K Lun Goon 麒麟館,Sun Ling Goon 神令館 . There are also 6 sub-sects in the lineage too.

Tin Yee Sifu have got direct teachings from Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu, who got their teachings from Grandmaster Saam Ling, and they have both got the essence and inherited the power of the whole lineage. Therefore, Tin Yee Sifu is now leading the lineage to blossom and spreading the magic of Sam Law Sun Gung to those who have fate with the sect.

3 Main Sects:

  • Sun Lung Moon is passed down from Grandmaster 元心老師父
  • K Lun Moon is passed down from Grandmaster 青凌老師父
  • Sun Ling Moon is passed down from Grandmaster 冰清老師父

These 3 grandmasters all learn from 三靈老師公 before and have spread into 3 sects in the lineage. Then the grandmasters give teachings to the other people holding the lineage now. The generation is unknown, because history is not recorded well before, but we will mainly say the beginning is Grandmaster Saam Ling.

Tin Gum Sifu and Tin Jee Sifu encountered Grandmaster Saam Ling 三靈老師公 and ordained under the sect to learn. They have realized that what they have known before is not enough, and they both bow down to the grandmaster for teachings. Shortly after that, Tin Yee sifu have got the knowledge and permission and is now leading the rest of the lineage to operate as one together, spreading the magic of Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功.

Grandmaster Saam Ling then granted the two Sifu(s) and the others in the lineage, including Tin Yee Sifu a new name for their sect and company altogether, which is Tin Yat Sun Lung Gung 天一神龍宮.

The Goal of the Lineage

The primary goal of the lineage is to flow with nature and accept whatever is coming in by fate. The lineage does not seek to grow big or stay small, but it will flow naturally with nature's flow and be whatever nature wants it to be. For those whose fate is to encounter the lineage and also accepts the fate themselves, we will accept them into the lineage and continue to inherit what nature have given us.

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