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Learning Saam Law Sun Sung 三羅神功

Everyone has tremendous potential for living strong, happy, healthy, fulfilled lives but how many of us even reach 50% of our true potential? Everyone has to deal with bullied childhoods, workplace politics, unsupportive marriages, health concerns… knowing that the whole thing ends after a long, crappy cancer experience. Living at 40% sucks! By stepping into the Saam Law Sun Gung, we can effectively leverage the cards we have been dealt.

Becoming a disciple, you must abandonment any religion you currently encounter with it. While your fate is all set by nature, so you can have better control of your actions to make use of what has been given by nature to change your destiny.

What is Ordination

By ordaining, you align yourself with the lineage which, in turn, aligns you with nature. It is virtually impossible to become a world class athlete, business person, or lawyer without a brilliant mentor, teammates, and support. Same way for Saam Law Sun Gung. Letting the lineage take care of you, your life and your destiny, and allowing the lineage and nature's force to guide you on your future path, going with nature's flow, which leads to a smoother, happier and better future.

The magic power of our lineage is referring the nature's force in the most original universe which is at the back of our universe all the time, operating, and shaping the future of all universes that is contained inside the system itself. Being able to channel in the most original energies, working with it, we can make changes and adjustments to things in the supernatural and spiritual side of our world. With magic power, you can prevent physical injuries, spiritual attacks and accidents as well as to maximize very positive life developments.

Stages of Learning

There is a lot of things to learn in our lineage, and you will definitely be enjoying it even at the first stage, but here will be the outline of how you will progress along.

Saam Law Disciple 三羅教弟子- This stage is the most common stage for anyone, and you are totally welcome to also get your friends and family into this stage just for having the magic power for portection too. With a magic-name, your heart spells, you are already geared up with the magic power that can help you make life better.

Those who wish to really get going on learning some magic, should then proceed to build the altar, get some gears and start learning magic cultivation for real. There are a lot of things to learn in this stage, yet it should take some time for you to progress through because everything takes time to learn and prepare too.

Sun Lung Disciple 神龍教弟子- This is the stage for those who wise to advance in their study and get to learn how to do FU magic. With these magic, you can defend and protect yourself and your love ones from spiritual attacks and also make life better by clearing the path for your future.

Tin Ting Disciple 天庭教弟子- This is the special stage for those who are very into the cultivation and wish to further progress into the advanced materials, and knowing about the deeper theories of magic, and getting to know about magic tools and such.

There is also a last and hidden stage, which is the Sun Ting Disciple 神庭教弟子 - This is a special stage for the specially picked students to undergo special trainings for learning the exclusive magic and will be responsible to help out with the others in the lineage.

Start Learning

You can start to learn by sending us an e-mail! Tell us you want to learn and we will be guiding you through the process of what is required to be done! Please be prepared to provide your full name, date of birth and a photo of yourself to submit for the ordination. Before you proceed, there are some information regarding payments which you have to know in advance.

Ordain as Saam-Law Disciples, stage 1 - $368 CAD

Attune to become a Sun-Lung Disciples, stage 2 - *

Attune to become a Tin Ting Disciples, stage 3 - *

Payments are made at our "disciple's page" which will be sent to the disciples when they have ordained.

*fees for going into the stage is to be told when you are ordained or ready to be attuned.

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