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Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Gaau 天一三羅神龍教 Tin Yat Tri-Bell Dragon Religion is a Chinese ancient religion. It focus on cultivation of magic and using the magic power to nourish and benefit our life by reaching beyond our potential limits. We believe in fate, yet we work hard to achieve beyond what we already have in life. Instead of sitting in the house and just be satisfied by the amount of food we have, we believe one should out reach to hunt, find food, and work hard to get what we want in life.

We have got the knowledge from Grandmaster Saam Ling, (Saam Ling Lo Si Gung) 三靈老師公 and now we have been given the permission to spread the magical seeds to let everyone know about the path, opening the door of Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 (Saam Law Magic) to everyone.

We believe in nature, and we believe that by flowing with nature and accepting our fate, working hard to make use of what nature have given us, will bring us a better future. At the same time, we have a lineage with magic power that allows us to bring new elements into our life, adding to the top of what we were given by nature, to further improve our life and change our destiny after-death.

Our goal after-death is to quit the cycling between birth and death, and traverse into the most original universe to become a full-being again. This universe that is where all things started, is called Dai-Law-Tin 大羅天. We believe that we can get there after death, if we cultivate and follow the guidance given by our master and grandmasters, since we can still communicate with those ancestors of the lineage spiritually. By our own experience, and maybe your experience-to-come, it is hard to not believe what is in the very far end of nature.

If you wish to know more, e-mail us for more information!

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