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About Our Magic

The magic we have inherited is called Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 which is a very ancient Chinese magic. The main purpose, reason and goal of why one should practice this magic is because:

  • You will want to know the truth behind the supernatural power in the universe and be able to be in control of your life before and after death.
  • Be able to reduce risk of dangers, harms and injuries in life for both your physical and spiritual body.
  • To be able to understand, repair and improve your life, getting full control of your destiny and know your fate to avoid going in the wrong directions that you are not meant to be in.

With Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 (Saam Law magic), you can help, defend and protect yourself and your loved ones, bringing you a more stable, secure and happy life.

Benefits of Practicing Saam Law Sun Gung<

The magic of our lineage, which is called "Saam Law Sun Gung", can mainly do three things for you:

  • Benefit your physical life to prevent, avoid and reduce injuries, dangers and threats. This will make your life safer, better and happier.
  • Benefit your spiritual side to reduce misfortunes to come, smoothen out your paths in life, and to welcome in better energies which can lead to better happenings to come.
  • Benefit your future life, by guiding you to know about the truth behind nature's system, knowing how it works, and cultivating our magic to change your destiny after death. Instead of flowing like a normal human being, we will want to quit the cycling process and go back into the most original universe of Dai-Law-Tin to live as a full being.

These are the main benefits of practicing and cultivating the magic of our lineage. Those who have entered the lineage will know more details about the specific things you can do with magic. It's simply practical, useful and real. It's real, because you can use it, and experience its effectiveness yourself.

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