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Chi in Nature was found in 2004 and incorporated in 2006. Before that, Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu were already providing teachings and services of Taoism and Taoist magic to the public for a long time, but without a "company" name on their back. They came from a rough and tough background, which shapes their strong and powerful personality today. Right now, Chi in Nature have moved on to their new website Tin Yat Dragon to expand its energy.

While we are growing bigger and bigger, there are haters and trolls who always sticks around us like moles and viruses. Therefore, we have also taken a further step into the internet and created our new Tin Yat Dragon YouTube channel. In less than one year, we have published over 300 videos on the channels with tons of knowledge-filled lectures, talk shows, and even demonstration of our Taoist magic. We hope to show the world what we are and that shall wipe out all the non-sense floating in the air. We believe that our audiences are smart enough to differentiate between rumors and reality.


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