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About Chi in Nature

We are a lineage, or a group of Sifu(s) who have learned Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功, which is an ancient Chinese magic that is totally amazing and effective for making life better. We are here to share our experience and also to provide you with our services and teachings to those who want to also get into the lineage to make life better just like us.

We have sifu(s) all over the world, rest assure that your case will be handled with care!

Do you have any unexplainable issue, if you do you come to the right place for answers? We provides ceremonies for exorcism and spiritual cases, life repair, weird sickness that doctor don't even know what caused it. Unexplainable by a doctor or scientist, but we have the answer for you- as long you are willing to learn and have faith in what our lineage provide you to solve your problem.

We also provide Fungshui, ZWDS life report, divinations and Fus of all sorts to resolve any issue you might encounter.
I personally had spiritual and health issue myself, and my children were victims too. Saam Law Sun Gung had made my family healthier, happier and most importantly, we are upgrading every single day of our life. Since we have started to learn Saam Law Sun Gung magic, it is more magical than you think. If you are interested to learn Saam Law Sun Gung too, contact us by email today!

Let me share a bit more about myself!

I am going to share my personal life before all these magic learnings...! I was miserable with my own health issue and my children as well. My relationship with my husband is heartrending because of my in-laws, he is a great person, but we were over controlled by his parents. My husband worked for his family owned business and I am a homemaker so financially was controlled. Until we found Jee Si Gung, my whole life had changed from no house to able buy a house without any supports from in-laws. Also, it fixed my problem for eating meat I am vegetarian for over 10 years. Now my health and relationship with my husband are happier than ever before. Now we both had well paid job and the children are pleased. Saam Law Sun Gung is amazing! - Wun Sifu 雲師傅

Our most senior sifu in the lineage, Yee Sifu 儀師傅 is always helpful and friendly to everyone in the lineage, guiding them to the best possible route in their learnings. At the same time our other sifu(s) are all specialized in different skills and have their own unique way to help any new comers enjoy their experience in Saam Law Sun Gung. You will not believe how happy it is with this magical power!

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