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Altar Setup

There are FUs required for your altar to be activated and connected, and so you have to purchase that inside our "disciple's page" will be given to you when you ordained.

After you have purchased the FUs, then it is time for you to make an altar! You will be given an AI file for the altar plate. Print it on yellow paper. The dimension is approx. two-thirds of the height between your altar table and the ceiling. Make the altar plate a good size! For the frame, I suggest a black one. The table should be a normal writing desk or similar design, simply a board and 4 legs.

The altar frame cannot "lean" against the wall. It has to be hung on the wall.

After you have chosen your altar's location, e-mail your Sifu to consult them about it and get an approval mark to go onto your next step!

From then on, your Sifu will also be the one selecting all magic tools and supplies for your altar and home. At this beginning stage of your altar, you need a brass incense pot, a wooden Stamp of Faith, a pair of brass candle stands, 2 bundles of incense, 10 candles, etc. These are the most basic altar magic items that you need to officially get your altar up. Your sifu will talk to you about it and get you started. You can also choose to let your Sifu know your budget so she/he will just get the tools and supplies most suitable for you on top of what is included in this bundle.

Remember, your altar is the most important thing in your whole life of cultivation, we are super serious about it, and everything must be chosen for your best future development!, trust your Sifu's golden eyes and hands for picking the supplies for you is the way to go.

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