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Altar Upkeep and Maintenance

Your altar is just like a living being, it needs to be fed daily to be kept alive, and your altar need maintenance to be healthy and operating properly. Everyday incense is a must, because your incense with the "heart spells" is what your altar needs to keep it going.

Everyday incense uploading is to pump your magic power into the incense, and transferring it to the altar for 3 purposes.

  1. To keep your altar alive, feeding it the energy it needs to stay active and running
  2. Start saving up and accumulate magic power into your altar, it is your storage!
  3. Build a good connection between you and your altar, making sure your connection to it is never weakening or wobbly.

These daily work is a must, as the minimal, to keep your altar alive. If you are planning to go away or go on a trip, you must consult your sifu for how to put the altar into vacation-mode in order to not have your altar go "blackout". There are always things you can do to "prep" the food required for the altar while you are away. Just like a pet, you leave them some food and water while you are gone with a feeding machine and it will be fine!

You may also learn to put other things on your altar such as beans, salt, water, tea, and such. These are the other methods to infuse different energies (converted) into your altar for different purpose. When you are learning more from your sifu, you will know more about what to do and what they means!

Your altar will need to have energy from our lineage to stay alive, not only by you feeding things to it on your own. Therefore, you will need to purchase at least one talisman from us everymonth - which is $35. You can also purchase one set for $118 which consist of 9 talismans. These are special talismans that we have cultivated on our altar to empower them daily and infuse our energy into them daily. They are like essence or "trainers" for your altar, it's like getting a trainer to go to your altar to train our "people" every month just to keep them in shape and upgrade their performance!

There is also a "Open and Close Portal Talisman" you should get monthly, which is $35/ set. You will need this at the beginning stage to connect and disconnect from the lineage once a month (at least) to keep your connection active, and keeping your altar alive. If you do not do this for a while, your altar is rendered as disconnected from the lineage. Once you have cultivated more, you will learn and be able to open and close portal on your own and this step is then to be done by yourself.

For the first stage (Saam Law Disciples), you cannot achieve to the power of opening and closing the portal to the lineage, and so this fee is mendatory. After you have cultivated into the Sun Lung Disciple stage, then you will be able to learn about how to open and close the portal with your altar.

Since you are learning with your sifu as your teacher, he/she will also be supporting you if you forgot to do this upkeeping by accident or you have not learn about it yet. As long as your heart is there, your Sifu will take care of you.

Your altar supplies are all to be purchased through your Sifu(s) who will be telling you about what you might need in the long run. It is a wise choice to stock up on incense and not have to run out. If you are on your last bundle of incense, it's time to get a few bundles shipped, then you will never run out of stock at home!

For more details on how to keep your altar in good shape, always stick to your sifu's advice and teachings. Ask them for tips and teachings, and you will learn about how it works!

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