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Quick Divination Service

Divinations methods that we provide consist of 3 methods that can help you make decisions in life for what is already in process of happening, yet you may want to have some hints and tips from nature to make your decisions right.

  • First method is to use our divination of the magic of our lineage to get a divination results to see what fate have set for you. This will require you to send us a photo of yourself plus your date of birth so we can get you a divination results for things that might happen within 1 year range.
  • Second method is to use the method of i-ching and bagwa which will determine the elements according to what is already happening and what things will be like in a 3-6 months time range. For this method, you would need to submit an e-mail request for direct assistance to proceed. We will have our sifu(s) to guide you to generate the results properly.
  • Third method is to analyze a word chosen and written by you out of your first second instinct, and it will reflects on your energy field which might shape the happenings coming up in a few weeks range.

Depending on your need, you can choose one or all three types of divinations. If this is not enough, you may also go for the ZWDS service for a even longer term divinations and compare the 4 results together to get full control over your life and accept the fate in a way that can be pleasant for you.

To make sure that our divination can be done to be most accurate and beneficial result for you, we would need you to submit your required ingredients requested with your honest results. If you not serious with this and treat it like a game or jeopardy, your results will also be like putting your life in jeopardy too.

Submit your request(s) for divination today and send us an e-mail for direct assistance!

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