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We offer distance spiritual diagnosis, and all kinds of ceremonies to help you resolve your spiritual problems. You can go to our official website to read more about our distance ceremony service! For your information, we DO NOT do any ceremony for our clients without communicating to them first, and doing a proper diagnosis to understand the situation. Do not purchase the service right away, contact us first and let us know your case!

You can also see Jee Sifu in action, doing a live ceremony on YouTube. It shows you a how a ceremony can be like, and it is definitely not a roughly done ceremony like some would imagine. The amount of work for a customized ceremony will includes hours of work on your customized FU Talismans, consecrating the FU Talismans, and then the actual ceremony that is to be done for you, which usually takes about 2 hours or more. It is a lot of work, and sometimes we follow up with a second ceremony right after the first to ensure things are topped up!

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