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Spiritual Diagnosis Service

We offer this spiritual diagnosis service to provide you a full check up on your spiritual condition, which is useful for people who want to check up on their spiritual case, their general luck, sickness that might be already sticking around for a long time, or any spiritual issues that you would like to check up on. You might also be wondering if such and such has been doing evil magic and curses on you, this check up can also help you out.

While we can do a nice and thororugh diagnosis for you, we would also require you to give us your full name, a freshly taken photo of yourself (face, portrait, with good lightings), and let us know what is bothering you and what you want to know about. If you are just coming for a check up in general, we will then be looking at your general condition and not target toward any special case. If you want to have a good diagnosis done for you, then you must learn to be honest with the information you provide us. Any attempts to "trick" us by giving partial truth and incomplete information or even false information can only lead to wasting time and money for both parties. Please keep that in mind. Welcome to come back for a check-up diagnosis from time to time to keep yourself update with how your spiritual side is doing at the moment. It's a great idea to know about your spiritual condition, just like a body check is always good to ensure things are going the right direction at all time.

$120 Diagnosis Report

Your full name

Got a spiritual case and need help? click to "Submit your case", and please wait for our respond and confirmation before any attempt to do the payment below for a distance ceremony. Thanks! Any ceremonies / ceremony purchased without our confirmation first will be refunded.

$1130 CAD / One Distance Ceremony

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