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Heart Spells 心咒

Heart Spells, Sum-Jau 心咒, are spells that you will recite inside your mind, or by your "heart" that withdraws magic power from different places, which have been infused with magic power when you ordain. Just like a new born baby, you cannot take the bowl from the kitchen's cabinet, and so the parents have to put things near the mini-cabinet beside his playground for him to pick it up. As the baby grows up, he can make use of the higher cabinets and drawers, and there can be more storages in different places which he can reach.  When you ordain into the lineage, magic power is sent to you and attuned your whole body into a different magic-body.  The heart spell, is the key for you to unlock the magic power that you were given, from different places that your ability can reach to.  Therefore, it's the most important thing to remember, and memorize, or else there can be no magic power coming out from you!

Different Heart Spells

For Saam-Law Disciples, you are given 3 main heart spells, one for using the magic power from your body's storage, one for using the energy from your body through your altar to your soul, and another one that goes directly to the altar and using the storage from the altar.

For Sun-Lung Disciples, you are given 3 main heart spells, one for using the magic power from your soul to your ling yuen, which is, your spiritual body/planet. Then there is one that withdraw from the new born energy "planet" in another realm that is above our universe. Then there is another spell for withdrawing the power from the outer layer of the lineage power bank and being able to beam the energy around the universe. All these transmission and beaming - are done via the lineage's power network and system.

For the higher level disciples, they have other spells that can channel into the deeper layer of the lineage's main storage and power bank, which allows them to withdraw more power and higher grade magic power for more powerful magic method's need.

It is not the more heart-spells the better sometimes, but using the right spell for the right purpose is the key. Always ask questions and learn more from your Sifu!

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