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Different Levels of Disciples, Different Power and Cultivation

First Stage with Altar - Small Detox and Purifying

At entry stage will be mostly doing savings of your own magical energies. Let it be the second nature of you able to use the spell effectively to draw power from lineage's system by practice daily routine of disciplined keeps the connection-ability to the lineage strong and active. Learning and doing some magic with altar at the early stage, altar will act like a big filter system able to cleanse the energy for you and accumulated energies. Over time, your energies will become pure and clean again. These energies will be then consumed back into your body, and nourishing your body, equalizing the energies inside your body repeatedly, and eventually your impure energies will be diluted more and more with time, making it less and less "unclean".

Non-pure and unclean energies are the first thing that attracts bad happenings in our physical life and spiritual life. In order to avoid physical injuries and bad happenings, or spiritual issues, we must clean up our energies inside and around our body. At this stage, you will learn how to clean yourself internally and externally by using many magical methods to purify yourself inside out, preparing your body for the next stage of big-detox.

Altar and Big Detox

Once the body is purified enough, your magical power, your altar, and your body is more prepared for the big detox. At this stage, you will learn to be working with your spiritual soul, and your spiritual side of life, detoxing the bigger cluttered things, pushing your limit a step further out into the spiritual world. This stage requires your full determination to proceed!

Making life better and smoother you accept your fate is guided by nature's force and learn how to work on your cultivation and life to synchronize with nature's flow and flow with nature. For Example, if you are given 5 dishes of food and 5 beverages in a certain amount of time to consume, you learn to intake them wisely, slowly, in a more logical order so you won't be choking yourself or feeling all messed up with the food all over the place. When you eat properly and slowly, can avoid many accidents or misfortune! Never go against nature instead work with what is given since nature has its course for you and feeding you daily. This stage of big detox will help you manage what is given to you by nature, and removing obstacles that are blocking the delivery from nature to you.

Those obstacles that are blocking you from receiving what nature is giving you is what we call "evils". You must remove any obstacles from your life, so you can intake what is given and utilizing our potential resources of life.

Once you in control of your life then it is time push to the next limit - to overcome the obstacles of the three realms.

Magic Power to Magical Army - Three Realms and Three Mountains

There are three realms of all things, Tin, Dei, Yun, which corresponds to our physical body, spiritual soul, and the spiritual you in another world that is parallel to you on Earth. Life does not end with death, because death is just a transition, and we flip flop between the two worlds with death. While the two bodies of us are both linked and interacting with each other at all time. The life you have right now is shaped by the you in the life before this, and so you should learn to do better in this life to remove any obstacles to make your present life better, while planning and doing work to make your future life better too!

Now your altar is packed with the energies that you have accumulated and able to do works in the spiritual worlds by clearing the paths for your future life. Example when army is built, then you can go out and claim the land that you have control over, not just sit and wait for food to drop from the sky. We do not "conquer" the land of others, but you do need a good army to help you claim a piece of land that is not yet discovered or claimed in the spiritual worlds. Your army is not only used to explore and claimed the land, but also to help you build your village, defend it, and fight off attackers and intruders who are about to take your resources and claim the property theirs. To reinforce your present and future life, you must secure the 3 realms with your magical power, which is your physical body, your spiritual soul and your spiritual future-life. The 3 realms of yours will become so secured and tough, like a 3 big mountains with armies securing the different places, this transition stage is called "The Three Mountain"! Toughening up your 3 realms with your magical army!

As a disciple, being able to work with your 3 mountains can have great control over your present and future life. Big achievement at this stage is to use magic effectively. It takes time to cultivate the energies, learn the magical methods and study the magic. If you do not do your part to learn, cultivate, and do use the magic, nothing can be done or changed in your life.

What is Beyond - The Five Thunder Stage

Become a disciple of the lineage you must super determined to proceed into the deeper teachings. Which require full commitment and certainly about your decision to enter the lineage's internal system, being a special chosen one by your Sifu, the sifus before us, and from nature

Being the disciple, will able to step into the lineage's power network and system to learn to help the lineage by working with the highest energies accumulated in the lineage's power bank. Using this special power, you can thunder up energies that is over your potentials that you are supposed to get from nature. You will be able to have access to, cultivate and use these energies to do five things:

  • 1. You will be able to cultivate these extraordinary and pure energies into essence form in the lineage power bank.
  • 2. You will able to transfer these essences from the lineage power bank to your long-cultivated and lovely powerful altar.
  • 3. You will be able to extract the essence by doing cultivations at your altar and processing it into a consumable form.
  • 4. You will be able to "cook" these consumable extracts with your internal alchemy cultivations.
  • 5. You will be able to process the energies you have "cooked" to your spiritual soul and your spiritual life and nourish all three realms again with these golden essence that we have cultivated in the lineage power bank.

These are the 5 thundering processes that we will go through to tumble and rumble up the energies in the lineage's power bank and using these golden essence to nourish our lives, putting more on top of your given potentials, making your present and future life better than it should be. If your fate with the lineage is strong enough, and you made it to this stage, you are also then meant to have the power to change your destiny.

The specially trained disciples can have the ability to change their destiny and be able to go beyond nature's limit, overcoming the restriction of nature and death, being able to have control of where they want to go after death and not have to cycle back and forth anymore.

Those who have the ability in this five thunder stage, they will be going through different cultivations to plan and cultivate for their after-death journey. When you can know and control where you want to go after death, you will not be afraid of death anymore, because you have already seen where you will go, and you will be able to know, to see, to experience with where you will go later. The goal of this stage is to have the disciple fully enlightened and unlock the ultimate secret behind the whole universe system to them. These fortunate ones will not go through the normal cycle of a human being anymore, because their future is set to a different destination, for a better life!

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