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Your Magical Supplies (For Disciples)

Everything you will be using for your altar, cultivation, and magic work, will be labelled as your "magical supplies". Since we understand that there is fate, you must know that every plant, rock or even a pen can similar in appearance, yet they are all a unique creation in nature, and they all have their different fate and destiny.

In a box of pens, you might have 10 pens that almost look identical to each others, and they are all machine made. How come some pen will die early, some will be lost very soon, some will be broken, or some will be leaking after a few times of usage? You might say that this is factory tolerance, but the same theory also applies to a rock on the street too. This is fate, and because everyone is unique in nature, nothing is happening for no reasons. There is always the nature's force at the back that is making things happen the way they should, it's just that you cannot see it, because it is not supposed to be seen while you are inside the system.

Your magical supplies should not be chosen by price, but by the most matching and suitable energy that matches you - for the sake of your magical cultivation, achievements and success! You want to buy a pair of shoes that is not "cheap" but one that will last a long time, give you a better experience, and not affect your health or attract bad happenings while you are walking or even just putting the pair of shoes at your foyer! What if a pair of shoes will attract thieves?

Those special disciples in our lineage, and mostly will be your sifu in the lineage who will be guiding you, have the ability to help you choose the most suitable magical supplies for you, and so you should always stick to their decision and get them to help you out on getting any supplies for the best fitting one possible. Trust and respect your Sifu who is teaching you, and you should have a super pleasant learning experience!

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