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Magic Power Concept

When you ordain into the lineage, you were infused with a "drip" of the essence magic power from the lineage, and this changes your body from a normal ordinary body to a body with magical power. You can imagine those blue tablets for toilet cleaning, one tablet into the tank of water, and now everywhere is blue. That's the reason why you need to ordain in order to have the power, because you must have a source to get your magic power from, and not just to make something up yourself. Our lineage's power is cultivated by many ancestors before us, and is surely nothing you can create or imitate out of the blue!

After your energy is converted to the magic-state, it is now your job to cultivate, accumulate, and do work to make sure that your rate of using the power is not faster than the rate of regeneration.  By cultivating with our magic methods, you will be learning methods to enlarge your capacity of the different "storages" that is related to your body. While enlarging the storages, you will also need to learn how to make the energy, stronger, denser and more active, in order to make your magic "work".

From time to time, you will also need to cultivate with your sifu(s) and si-gung's power by requesting things from them, and so that there are new elements inputting to your pool of magic power, which excites them and get them active, to grow, and to make new developments.  If you only cultivate with your own energy, you will never get anywhere close to really make any progress. Just like human must consume food from the outside and not just swallow your saliva and body liquid to stay alive.

Magic power needs to be exercised, cultivated, and upkeep, in order to stay alive.  Again, stick to your sifu's teachings and you shall know more!

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