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Before you ordain into our lineage, everyone who will be in contact with you should be called Sifu 師傅. This word of Fu 傅 means someone who is knowledgeable and capable of helping you and giving you guidance and helping you out with things. When you contact us, it will most likely be one of our Sifus who will be talking to you, and so they are all "Sifu" to you.

After your ordain, you are then a Saam Law Disciple 三羅教弟子, those Sifu(s) you have talked to before are all now "Sifu" to you 師父. While the sound of it might be the same, the Chinese word is different! 父 is the word for father, but it also means the one who "teach" and "attune" someone. There are 9 main Sifu(s) who you will be in contact with, and they are all teachers level disciple of the lineage, who will be guiding you and giving you direct teachings. They are just like your teachers in the lineage.
You will, at some point, encounter your 師公 Si-Gung, who is the teacher of your Sifu(s), and this is the word for the "grandfather generation" of your teacher in the lineage.

Every one in the lineage has their "magic name" given when they ordain, and this name will also be the name that you will be using for communication. Say if you got your name as "Tin Xing 天成", then you sign off with your name "Tin Xing". Others will be calling you by "Xing" (because everyone will call you by the second word only, since the first word is the same for everyone.
Remember to use your magic name and sign off using this name wen you talk to your Sifu(s) and others in the lineage!

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