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Tai Chi had long lived in our human history but all you see is the slow, old people and turtle like forms demonstration where people dress in the Tai Chi clothing and do their relaxing forms. That's not Tai Chi, that is Tai Chi exercise! Here we will show you some real Tai Chi that is how it is originally like. There are the combat techniques and many theories that can be use in combat as well. The 23 lessons below are to educate you on Tai Chi's practical skills, theory and applications which can be seen in the traditional Push-Hand practice.

What is Push-Hand?

The practicing method of Push-Hand is a two person practice method that allows both to gain sensitivity of the body, learning and understanding more about how techniques can be applied, turning the balance and shifting control and also strengthening the body as well. Yes, it does give you a very good workout to strengthen your legs and body because all you do is using the body to apply the techniques and not just the hands. Push-Hand is not like sparring and it is not a fighting simulation as well. This is purely for practicing and cultivation to polish your skills and sensitivity which is the foundation to combat-ready Tai Chi in the future.

Combat-ready Tai Chi?

Yes, Tai Chi can be used for combat but just because the skills you need are very complex while requiring you to have the ultra-fast reflex and sensitivity that allow your body the twist, turn and change position in split seconds without even thinking about it, that's why it's not so possible fo most people to use it in a fight. Imagine this, let's say if I have to throw you a ball and you have to first catch, then turn around, toss it down and kick it away. How can you do that like a natural movement as if you just have to punch the ball in one second? Hard right? Tai Chi is very complex and so it is not easy to master at all. With the 23 lessons below, you will understand about how Tai Chi's theory works in this situation more. Enjoy!

Warmup first! Try our Tin Yat Lineage Chi Kung!

Lesson 1

Introduction, 8 methods of Tai Chi forces

Lesson 2

What is push hands and some misc stuff

Lesson 3

What is push hands, stable, moving and free style

Lesson 4

Not too much, Not too little, being push but not fall

Lesson 5

Force Redirecting to the side in push hand

Lesson 6

How to push with your hip power and no-force

Lesson 7

Rooted to the ground but beware of falling out

Lesson 8

Single hand stable stance push hand basics

Lesson 9

Single hand stable stance push hand redirecting force

Lesson 10

Single hand push hand - the magical touch to fall

Lesson 11

Free-style push hand basics and structure

Lesson 12

Free-style push hand - swallow in the prey

Lesson 13

Free-style push hand - the close body banging hit

Lesson 14

Free-style push hand - Choi, bring it in

Lesson 15

Moving steps push hand - basics and demo

Lesson 16

The magical palm that cannot be push over

Lesson 17

Anti-Grappling skills - the circular twist of wrist

Lesson 18

Anti-Grappling skills - the circular twist of wrist 2

Lesson 19

Pang - Anti-push and destroying the structure

Lesson 20

Why holding the ball? It is a combat technique!

Lesson 21

Why holding the ball? Complex and fast version

Lesson 22

A "side kick" that can throw out a big guy

Lesson 23

Choke me from behind - I doubt you want to!


What to Learn Tai Chi?

Sure! If you really want to get into combat Tai Chi or learning a Tai Chi Style fully, we now offer you this exceptional and exclusive program of Tai Chi learning. We offer the following styles of Tai Chi for yuo to choose from while you can pay monthly for your private classes as well. Your purchase will include:

  • 20 minutes of private online class video per lesson
  • One lesson per week
  • Videos are in WMV format (windows media player format) for you to download
  • Exclusive and personal video teaching done ONLY for you
  • Lecture notes in document (MSWORD) file.
  • Unlimited questions you can ask which will be answered in e-mail or video lesson
  • Learn whatever you want or we can pick what's most beneficial to you as well. Compeletely personal program!
  • 100% personal and private
  • 100% safe and no side effects
  • 100% secure personal information, never leak to others!

Now, let's choose from the drop-down menu to pick which style of Tai Chi you want to learn or just click "Master's Choice" to see what Mak Jo Si will plan for you which works the best way. Don't forget that you will be required to give your valid e-mail address so that we can send you e-mail about your classes as well.

Styles of Tai Chi
Your e-mail address
Your full name

Note: No refund on purchased credits for classes but you may convert them to our store credits instead and purchase things on our website with them.


The Common Styles of Tai Chi

There are many forms and styles of Tai Chi, some are old and some are newly brewed up. But then, no matter which style, the theory basics are about the same which is to use the soft tactic to go against the hard tactic. Or the other way around which is to smash hard while people are softened. That is the part that most masters don't even want the students to know!

Tin Yat Lineage 天一派

Chen Style 陳式太極

Yang Style 楊式太極

Wu Style 吳式太極

Mo Style 武式太極

Suen/Sun Style 孫式太極

Wu Dang Style 武當太極

Wu Dang San Fung Style 三豐太極

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