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Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Report

Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗數 is the calculation methods to analyze your fate and destiny. While everything is laid out and set to happen for you in life, you might want to know how it will come and how to intake the incoming energies better to suit your situation now. A better way of saying it is like you are set to be fed a meal with 5 dishes of food and 5 cups of drinks, and we all have no choice but to eat them all before a certain time (like before your life is ended). You cannot control the amount of food or drinks, but you can control how you want to eat it, the pace, the style and the combination of how you would like to work around what is given for a better experience, and avoiding any choking, misfortunes, and accidents to happen.

By having a ZWDS life-report done for you annually, and having a brief idea of how things will be like for you in general, you will at least have an idea of what's ahead, and your mind is then prepared subconsciously for things to come and turn into real happenings. Just by having the prepared mind at the back, working to fine tune the energies around you subconsciously, you will already be able to self-adjust your pace of accepting the energies coming to you, and it will already have a very positive influence to your life.

Being aware of your fate, and prepared for what is coming to your physical life, you will be able to avoid misfortunes and bad happenings to come, while being able to maximize the potentials by doing things at the right time. Timing is always the issues that leads to regrets. You should not have any more regrets from now, and so it is time to know what nature have set for you before its too late to make changes and adjust to synchronize with nature's course.

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